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The typical programming career path sucks??

It starts with school

When you take the computer programming career path in a typical university or college, it is not just computer programming you are taking. You will be taking mathematics, english, and a host of other useless programs which waste at least a good couple of hours in a week if not more. Teachers who teach the programs often dedicate most of class time into a slideshow presentation. Half of the material presented is referenced from specific pages from carefully crafted text books only sold at the school.

On top of that, the class scheduling is created in such an awkward way where the school owns most of your life. Why should the school have full ability to dictate what classroom you have to attend and when? Why should they force you to pay for heavy books you might only use for maybe a year of your life? We as adults have other priorities instead of school and we must be given the ability to decide how to divide our time.

Is a company always correct?

School courses are there to bluntly steer you into the typical world of thinking. You would be taught things that companies would want, but the question is are companies always correct? no they are not.

Example of where a company goes wrong

One man introduced a window like system, then Microsoft adopted the operating system and made it popular and calls it Windows. Because of this, many companies think Microsoft Windows is the solution.

It was nice for a while until people started receiving odd white text on blue screens along with a host of other strange errors. When Microsoft realizes this, they introduce new patches for each failure then people install them and once again, a host of new problems occur.

This same cycle continues over and over again for every newly released windows patch or operating system. Why? because Windows is popular and its what many people learned in school.

Why create unnecesary fluff?

Assume you are writing code in a programming language. Hold on a second. Do you really need to wear down the computer with a bunch of glob? If you are coding in java or visual basic or any other high level computer programming language, then your processor has to work much harder to read every single line you put into the script and runs it all against its internal set of rules. Then the compiler turns code into a program for the target system, and sometimes the compiled code is a bit bloated to connect with other components of the operating system which in turn increases execution time.

So Why in gods creation is no one teaching the true art of computing any more? Why is it that only the newer stuff like J-query and wordpress are taught when they run on top of other code (compiled or not) which further hampers the processor?

This is ridiculous and this is the number one reason why so many god damn computer systems end up in the landfill. It is all because programmers would rather implement a program that connects to another program on top of another program, thereby creating a chain of programs required for a piece of software to work.

People need to start teaching, learning, and then creating software that interacts with the core of the system for optimum processing speed so that users do not have to throw high quality perfectly working computers in the garbage can, only because they were missing a damn "feature" more known as the ability to process fluff.

Companies are not getting any better here. They follow the trend of ditching computers and buying new ones on a regular basis and they like to learn what they call new programming languages which in fact is rather old languages redone to allow teenagers to effectively destroy computers. PHP was written in C. I bet C was derived from Assembler.

Care about the Environment!

People, lets start caring about the environment some more, and use the existing tools we have from the past and make something good out of them. The only time they should be ditched is if they become completely useless for a valid reason. This is why I have no job in an office as a programmer, because I'm way too creative, I do not follow current company programming standards and I like to dig deep into the core.

This is where my creativity SHINES!

Around 2008, I met an individual at a nightclub who was in charge of photography for the night. Every week I went to the club, I saw him manage photography.

He had a website up and running, but the problem then was organization and colors. The home page began with clickable symbols then the photo galleries were on a black background and the text is white. But what was really bad was the extensive scrolling required to see the interesting stuff. He used a program to generate his static pages for each photo gallery. The idea worked but was far from perfect.

Later, I approached the individual one day to verbally demonstrate his website flaws and offered to create a better rendition of his website. I then create it and present it to the public on a free web server without using wordpress, Jquery or anythng other than the basic LAMP stack. That means Linux, MySQL, apache, and PHP.

The public loved my work so much that now I have full access to the server. I scored myself a server administration role on top of a web development role. and if that is not enough to sweep you off your feet, I recently made an apache module that keeps hackers at bay which thereby increases server speed. Had I worked on this project for a typical company, I would not have had the freedom I described here, plus the code would crash often for using wordpress or a related package which can easily be hacked by hackers.

Any Questions?

Ok before rattling questions, I want to point out that I am still trying to get out of my part time job of working outside year round in the warm and cold that I held for over TEN years which is completely unrelated to my field. I'd rather work in the computer field AND get paid for it.

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