Is it over?


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For those of you who don't know me, My name is Mike, a person in southwestern ontario that is trying to bring back normal again like in 2010. Around that time I had what I thought would be an excellent paying job maintaining the core of this web site but unfortunately the ad service stopped paying me good money. I still maintain it but casually. I have also worked part time at a grocery store for over 15 years until one day my bosses told me that unless I had a medical note, I needed to wear a mask when requested to do so to stay employed. The company did break the municipal bylaw at that time because it stated that no one is to ask for documentation when someone (like me) stated that they are exempt from wearing a mask. Despite all this, I am now unemployed.

15 years at a grocery store? WOW! But can you do better?

Part way throughout my employment at the store, One other person and I jointly came up with the idea of creating a better lazertag center where the equipment has more features that we think people will enjoy. About half of the equipment is setup but untested and we are still trying to figure out how to get a loan and be successful without anyone going bust.

So why isn't lazertag up already? What's going on?!?!?

I'm glad you asked. The sad truth is many freedom-minded people are fighting what might be a losing battle. First of all, it is hard to achieve employment to make money to fund the business let alone funding living when you may be mandated to wear masks and/or receive the covid jab (vaccine) and now with a recession coming in 2023, there's a chance that people who are employed may be LAID OFF at any time because companies will be forced to choose between paying for supplies, utilities, OR employees. You can't have everything when money is limited. On top of that, many people are already reporting personal financial problems.

Watch this video of PC leader Pierre Poilievre validating the financial problems people face today.

Since you're unemployed, how would you make money in the short term?

Fortunately I do have a small pension from the grocery store which I used much of already. Since I don't participate in tyranny of suffocating and having someone inject poison into me (aka wearing a mask and being jabbed) and since there's talks about potential mask mandates AGAIN, My options of earning an income is extremely limited. In the meantime, I am participating in the stock market, and I'm hoping when recession goes to an end, I'll end up making alot more money.

Have you participated in any rallies to make things better?

I have attended many rallies. Some are local. I attended quite a few toronto marches for the freedom rallies (protesting against mandatory masks and covid vaccines) at Queens Park and Dundas square. I also attended a few toronto marches for Basic Income because I feel its important for every normal human being who is trying to earn a living to continue to receive money even if they cannot go to work just for not bowing to the covid measures the government puts in place from time to time. And let me tell you... with the government making a surplus from our tax dollars, it is EXTREMELY easy for them to set up some sort of short-term universal basic income program for everyone without costing us any money.

Click here to see my homemade signs I used at the various rallies

So why the automated email?

Because I feel people are not doing anything to make Canada a better place. Sure truckers have attended ottawa as an attempt to fix the country but that may be short lived now that there's talks that there could be ANOTHER MASK MANDATE. So what does this got to do with automated email?


On behalf of the real humans, I'm screaming bloody murder because in the near future, we could all DIE and/or become homeless if we don't take any serious action to permanently reverse the inflation AND the mandates.

In 2020 at the beginning of the covid season, I thought maybe some action was happening with the weekly freedom rallies, but the problem is the seriousness seems to stop at that level, at least for most freedom warriors, and for some others, the seriousness stops at rallying in Ottawa with trucks.

We have to assume the government will make matters WORSE, and they already have with inflation as the next step that is in progress.